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Fields And Sands

Date Submitted: 09/20/2003 16:43:41
Length: 1 pages (361 words)
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This essay is called fields and sands. its a creative description of the isle of lewis in scotland. it gives an imagery point of view of the reader. the reader experiences the scenery in the description. On the Island of Lewis In Scotland there is lots to see. As you walk from your ancient blackhouse home, down the long dirt road you see many big long brown haired Island Bulls as they moo so loud …

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…he barks and claps happily like an eager dog for his daily meal of herring he has been getting everyday for many years. You bend down and hand Sammy a large slimy herring from a brown wooden pail beside you. He gladly takes it and dives back in the beautiful water to go visit someone else. As the sun starts to set, you can see the small but beautiful ancient Lewis Castle in the distance.

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