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Historiography This paper discusses the six schools of historical thought.

Date Submitted: 10/10/2004 11:32:06
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Historiography is the study of changing historical interpretations, shifting emphases, and different research methodologies. It is a valuable tool in helping the average student to interpret assumptions made by historians. There are six schools of historical thought, divided into two groups: Domestic and Foreign Policy. The first three are in the domestic school: The Progressives, The Consensus Historians, and The New Left. The foreign policy group consists of The Nationalists, The Realists, and The Radicals. …

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…Historiography is an important tool in deciphering interpretations of history. It helps one identify with a point of view that often coincides with one's political ideology. This is incredibly helpful as it helps one to understand history. However, it is also important to explore other points of view in order to fully understand the lessons history is trying to teach us. Only by observing every point of view can we truly obtain the big picture.

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