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"In the Name of War" Written by Jill Lepore: King Phillips War and the Origins of American Identity.

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 02:21:06
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According to the historian Jill Lepore, before the war between the Anglo and Indian population known as "King Phillip's War," cultural and linguistic barriers between these two dominant populations of the Eastern half of the Americas were fluid rather than fixed. However, the aftermath of this war in 1675, when tensions between Native Americans and colonists residing in New England erupted into brutal conflict a sharp cultural division was incurred. This cultural division has never again …

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…of their own identity and redefine it as fiercely as the early settlers once struggled to preserve their Englishness, when they perceived it as becoming attacked from without. The varying guises and names of war and the names of the peoples involved all fueled the hatred of King Phillip's War, according to Lepore--and fuels wars to this day, in different lands amongst different peoples. Work Cited: Lepore, Jill. The Name of War. New York: Knopf, 1998.

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