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"Injustices of the Justice System"

Date Submitted: 03/13/2003 22:30:34
Length: 4 pages (1027 words)
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For many years there has been a shameful error in the United State's judicial system. Though usually gone unseen to the eye of the media, the wrongful conviction of innocent convicts is rampant in United State's courtrooms. There are many different ways that a defendant can become victim to a faulty verdict. Since these cases are inconspicuous there can only be inconclusive statistics to go along with them. Anything that is run by human beings …

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…ways that an innocent person can be shown the injustices that the United States' courts can demonstrate. Though it can take many years to prove he or she is innocent there is not an orthodox way to speed it up. With so many recommendations the government has many improvements to make. These recommendations are intelligent ones and the courts should heed the advice. Clearly, with such a free independent country the United States will try.

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