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Is Censorship Wrong and Cynical? Censorship opinion essay

Date Submitted: 09/13/2001 19:41:32
Category: / Law & Government
Length: 1 pages (362 words)
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Is Censorship Wrong and Cynical? Music, movies, and books should not be censored. Authors deliberately create to express themselves through these things. In consequence of censorship, the public would not be able to receive the main idea of the product for which it was intended. However there are opinions and facts that support both sides to this controversy. In any case, music, movies, and books are written as an individual idea, or even ones dreams. …

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…enormity subverted just as I. An emphatic gesture of disapproval by such people has lead to my betrothment on the text. It is my desire to persuade people that censory is not right worldwide. Evidently it seems the government has evaded the subject that has occurred. In order to change this idea of censorship, it will take a strong, loud voice of unanimity to bring censorship down and let freedom of expression to reign untarnished.

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