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Is the Kyoto Accord Constitutional

Date Submitted: 08/15/2002 12:27:22
Category: / Business & Economy
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Background: The Canadian Parliament has recently ratified Bill C-678 in order to implement the Kyoto Accord into Canadian law. The Kyoto Accord was established in Japan in December of 1997. It is an international agreement that sets targets to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate to change. These greenhouse gases include primarily carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. The accord calls upon the industrial nations to reduce their emissions of these greenhouse gases by …

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…Protocol: Regional and Sectoral Contributions to the Carbon Leakage; Energy Journal, 2001, Vol. 22:4 pg. 52. Paehlke, Robert., Environmentalism in One Country: Canadian Environmental Policy in an Era of Globalization; Policy Studies Journal, 2000, Vol. 28:1 pg. 160. Stott, Jim., Canada's Kyoto Debate to hit full throttle this Year; Oil and Gas Journal, 2002, Vol. 100:40 pg. 28. Sullivan, R. E., "Jurisdiction to negotiate and implement free trade agreements in Canada: calling the provincial bluff," University of Western Ontario Law Review. 1986/87, Vol. 29, pg. 63-82.         

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