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Jane Addams, a woman who transformed the immigrant learning and rights with the Hull-House reforment movement.

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Imagine.... A quiet, dignified woman from a well-to-do family in a small Illinois town who moves to Chicago because she wanted to help the poor and less fortunate. Who might this woman be whose heart was filled in faith for the common good? A woman who lived her life for the generosity of others? If you guessed humanitarian Jane Addams, then you're correct. Born in Cedarville on Sept. 6th, under the giving and caring sign …

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…people follow this leader to something better. Jane Addams spent her final moments in Chicago and left the mortal world on May 21, 1935 at the age of 75. She had led a full life of helping others, and the fact that she had so surely made a difference in the lives of people when it mattered, proved her life spent on earth worthwhile. She was buried in her childhood home of Cedarville, the place of her birth.

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