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Logging the rainforest

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 01:03:37
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Industrial logging is the main cause of forest loss throughout the tropics. It is the starting point of a process leading to the forests' final destruction and substitution by agricultural crops, cattle raising or monoculture tree plantations. These are well known facts supported by more than sufficient evidence. Even more importantly, industrial logging destroys the livelihoods of forest and forest-dependent peoples who, deprived of the resources they depend on, become poor. Contrary to the official …

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…as an excuse to justify forest destruction. Consumption of wood --and other raw materials produced in forest lands-- needs to be drastically reduced to a level that ensures social justice and environmental conservation. Wood is necessary, but the need to respect local peoples' rights and to protect the local and global environment is far more necessary. Industrial logging in the rainforest is a recipe for local and global disaster and must be made to stop.

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