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Date Submitted: 07/26/2003 10:50:11
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Manatees are listed as endangered species. A species is endangered when it is considered in danger of extinction . Many other species are listed as threatened, which means they are likely to become endangered in the foreseeable future. Manatee habitat and the habitat of many other species in Florida have been lost due to our staggering development on all of Florida's ecosystems. Other stresses on our environment resulting from lack of proper growth management include pollution …

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…can drown in nets or they can die from infection caused by entanglement in crab trap lines and nylon fishing line or hooks. With so many manatees dying or being injured due to human activity, education must be heavily stressed. Helping people of all ages to understand the environmental issues we currently face in Florida will create the public concern necessary to insure that the sound protection for natural resources will be legislated and enforced.

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