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Mahatma Gandhi - three accomplishments which in turn helped the independence movement against the British.

Date Submitted: 07/16/2004 09:10:14
Category: / History / Asian History
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Gunjan Patel Ms. Beveridge Period 2 - World History Pre IB 6 February, 2003 The Little Man in the Loincloth Mohandas Karamchand "Mahatma" Gandhi was perhaps the most influential person of the 20th Century, yet, he held no office or title, and possessed no wealth. Mahatma Gandhi's Influence and accomplishments were largle responsible for India's Indepence from Britian. He won no elections, and claimed no scientific discoveries or inventions. His legacy, a philosophy of nonviolence and non-cooperation, continues …

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…room for all people on this Earth. The legacy struggles to live on, however, it manages through times of even the highest tension, hatred, and violence such as the fighting in India and Pakistan and the War with Iraq in itself representing the outcome Gandhi never desired. There is still hope as long as there are those who fight for the better, those who will stand for what is right, equality; the legacy shall prevail.

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