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Mercury (Planet)

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 01:15:47
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Mercury is the closest planet to sun and second smallest in solar system (1st is Pluto). The orbit of Mercury is elliptical than those of other planets of solar system. Its mean distance from Solar System is about 57.93 million kilometers. Its closest approach to the sun Perihelion is 46 million kilometers and farthest approach Aphelion is 70 million kilometers. Mercury's diameter is 4875 kilometers. Its mass is about 3.30 x 1026 grams or 1/18th or 0.06% of Earth's. Its mean density …

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…The resultant settling of the planetary crust produced large scale wrinkles in the form of scarps. Planet is made of three layers like Earth crust, mantle and core. Crust is made of mostly silicate rock. Mantle is about 600 kilometers thick and is also made of silicate rock. Core's radius is about 1800 kilometers and is mostly made of iron and nickel. Due to extreme temperatures, scientists believe that there would be no living organisms on Mercury.

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