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Mistretta, Italy

Date Submitted: 11/15/2002 18:13:48
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Speech 101 March 27, 2002 TOPIC: Mistretta, Italy General Purpose: To inform my audience about Mistretta, Italy Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the houses and people's way of life today in Mistretta, Italy. Central Idea: The town and its people's way of life has not changed very much since the 1800's Opening Statement: I have traveled to many different interesting countries, during my sixteen-year stint in Europe. Some of the places I have seen are France, …

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…Mistretta, Italy since the 1800's. I hope I have not scared you all off from visiting this lovely old historical place believe me there is much more to see there than what I have been able to tell you about in these last 5 minutes. You have the beach, churches, the food and many other wonderful but old fashion things to do and see. I hope that you will decide to go see more for yourself.

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