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Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 00:02:14
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Examine the relationship between Reward and Motivation in the Psychological Context. An 'incentive' or 'reward' can be anything that attracts a workers attention and stimulates him to work. In the words of Burrack and Smith, "An incentive scheme is a plan or program to motivate individual with monetary rewards (incentive pay or monetary bonus), but may also include a variety of non-monetary rewards or prizes." (Mamoria C., Personnel Management, 3rd ed., Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai, 1984) …

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…Sons Inc., New York, 2002. 2.<Tab/>Desimone R., Harris D., Werner J., Human Resource Development 3rd ed., Harcourt College Publishing, New York, 2002. 3.<Tab/>Gellerman S., Motivation and Productivity, D.B. Taraporewala Sons & co., Mumbai, 1970. 4.<Tab/>Manoria C., Personnel Management, 3rd ed., Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai, 1984 5.<Tab/>Michael V., Human Resource Management and Human Relations, Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai, 1993.

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