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Negative Consumer Behavior What is negative consumer behavior and what are the characteristics of a bad customer? How can managers address this issue to ensure success?

Date Submitted: 03/19/2003 21:49:51
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Negative Consumer Behavior To fully understand what negative consumer behavior is and what makes a bad customer, we first have to understand what "consumer behavior" is. In their book, "Consumer Behavior: Concepts and Strategies," Berkman and Gilson (1981) say that the American Cultural System, which is made of values and artifacts, strongly influences consumer activity in the United States. "In the twentieth century, American Culture reflected a distinct consumption ethic based upon affluence and gratification of …

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…for security? Forbes v160 (November 17, 1997): 66. Berkman, Harold W; Gilson, Christopher. Consumer Behavior: concepts and strategies. Kent Publishing Company. Boston 1981. Dubrovki, Drago. The role of customer satisfaction in achieving business excellence. Total Quality Management. (December 2001): 920 Rafaeli, A.; Sutton, R. Expression of emotion as part of the work role. Academy of Management Review. (1987): 12, 23-37. Roberts, James A; Jones, Eli. Money attitudes, credit card use, and compulsive buying among American college students. Journal of Consumer Affairs, Winter 2001, 35(2): 213-240.

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