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Nigeria: The Struggle of the Yoruba, a paper describing the problems meeting the Yoruba people of Nigeria, and potential fixes for them. Suggests a new policy of self rule. See attachment for sources.

Date Submitted: 12/07/2001 13:54:31
Category: / Law & Government
Length: 6 pages (1576 words)
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Nigeria: The Struggle of the Yoruba A famous Nigerian author, Chinua Achebe, once wrote about Nigeria, "The trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership. There is nothing basically wrong with the Nigerian character. There is nothing wrong with the Nigerian land or climate or water or air or anything else." In essence, that seems to be the greatest downfall of Nigerian politics, that corruption and mismanagement, practiced by both democratic and …

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…there are great strides to alleviate that. As internal strife subsides, and as institutional prejudice goes away because of more enfranchised people in the population, and more Yoruba people holding government posts, the future of Yoruba looks less murky and more positive than it did 10 years ago. Still, steps must be taken to preserve this careful balance, and to ensure that the future generations of Nigerians are indeed that, Nigerians, and not an ethnic minority.

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