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Orangutan rehabilitation in Sumatra

Date Submitted: 11/17/2003 12:06:11
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The Sumatran orangutans live in northern Sumatra, in the Mt. Leuser national Park. A special orangutan rehabilitation center has been established at Bohorok, Bukit Lawang, for orphaned orangutans, where orangutans are taught how to return to the wild again. Today rehabilitations has become very important, because population of orangutans are decreasing. It is difficult to teach them how to survive in the wild, because most of them were brought up by humans, and they did …

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…enough money to provide enough foods, milk, and medicines for all orangutans. The center is very hard to manage itself. Today, Orangutans are highly endangered due to illegal logging, deforestation, and illegal trade. To solve these problems, people need to be more aware about these serious problems. Also the Indonesian government should make strict laws on illegal logging and illegal trading, and give more support to the rehabilitation center to increase the population of orangutan.

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