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Privacy - What about it? ... A comprehensive and easy to understand overview of public key cryptography and the main tool to apply it: Pretty Good Privacy.

Date Submitted: 12/07/2004 19:26:47
Length: 19 pages (5345 words)
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Privacy - what about it? Right now humankind is watching the wonder of the internet unfolding before our eyes. Never before has a medium grown and attained such a respectfull state so quickly! In five years the internet has broken its chrysalis and gained adulthood. What started out as defence network, turned into a science exchange and finally penetrated critical mass. Today the internet houses some 200 million citizens. Five years ago it sheltered 10 million. That …

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…There's safety in numbers. Analogously, it would be nice if everyone routinely used encryption for all their email, innocent or not, so that no one drew suspicion by asserting their email privacy with encryption. Think of it as a form of solidarity. As said earlier we live in exciting times right now. But also dangerous! This is the time to set standards on the net. In 10 years it will be to late. Do your part...

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