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I. Rainforests: What they are and where they're found <Tab/> <Tab/>There are two types of rainforests: tropical and temperate. Tropical rainforests are found in 85 countries around the world. Ninety percent of these forests are concentrated into fifteen countries, each country containing over 10 million hectares each. Tropical rainforests are located near the equator, where temperatures stay above 80 degrees Fahrenheit year round. These dense, damp forests occur in …

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…must learn the alternatives to the traditional, destructive occupations. <Tab/>Ecology is not about saving a tree here and a river there, but it is about the complex system that governs how things work together. Both temperate and tropical rainforests are important, if we want to protect them, we must learn to use them with care. We must understand how forest ecosystems work, and how our everyday decisions effect their well-being.

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