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Rates of reactions

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 01:36:34
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Experiment: Investigation into the factors that effect the rate of reaction I am going to investigate how different factors affect the rate of a reaction. Introduction What is a reaction? A reaction is when two particles (reactants) join to form a new product or products. What is rate? Rate is a measure of how fast or how slow something is. Rate is a measurement of the change that happens in a single unit of time, …

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…like to also investigate other factors, which affect the rate of a reaction like temperature and surface area to see how they affect the rate of a reaction. Some other areas in the experiment that I feel I could have improved on were factors like, controlling the stopwatch. There is lots of room for human error here. But the inaccuracies due to them were negligible because I paid close attention to these during the experiment.

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