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Royal Bank of Canada

Date Submitted: 06/24/2001 09:12:39
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RBC Financial Group RBC Financial Group (RY on the TSE and NYSE) is one of North America's premier diversified financial services company's. Within Canada it is the leader in most of its businesses. RBC Financial Group is a new master-brand. It was formerly known as The Royal Bank of Canada. They dropped the name "Canada" from their title as a marketing ploy to sound less junior league to the Americans. The move symbolizes the evolution …

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…Centers. While the direct impact of those attacks on the company were not material, they did have lasting effects on their subsidiary businesses. The capital markets have slowed down, this financial insecurity has led to a lowered consumer confidence. What RBC has done successful is build a very diverse business mix. It is this mix and their ability to adjust their businesses that should ensure they perform well through any tough times that lay ahead.

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