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Strikes in the U.S. throughout time. Mainly incorporating the Pullman Boycott of 1894.

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Strikes throughout time have not had many changes. The disputes which were the cause of the strike usually start with the management of the corporation. Then the workers become disgruntled and ask for more benefits or a substitution for their lost wages. When the management refuses these terms the workers form a union. The union leaders will then go to the management and offer the terms of their co-workers. If the management again refuses these …

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…This made everyone who worked for the airlines a partial owner. So now the better the airline company did financially the better the workers did. The workers were also given four chairs at the airlines board of directors table. This now gave the workers a say in what happened in the upper ranks of the company, and guaranteed that they would never be excluded from any major decisions which would be made in the future.

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