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Sustainable developement of the Brazillian rain forest

Date Submitted: 03/01/2003 21:04:27
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With Reference To The Tropical Moist Forest areas Of Brazil, Outline The Main Directions Of development Planning Since 1900, And Assess their Environmental Consequences. Rainforests play an invaluable role in sustaining life on earth with their existence they aid regulating global climate and the weather cycle, they play an important role also in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. they also are a source of food and medicines for many people across the world. This natural …

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…trees to survive for a longer period. A large factor that rainforests have in their favour is their natural beauty, diversity and richness this should be used to its full advantage and maybe eco-tourism could be put in the place of other uses such as the destruction of the trees to attract money into the area but with as little interference and detrimental effects by humans as possible onto the moist tropical rainforests of Brazil.

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