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TITLE: Interpretation of an Architect: Frank Gehry

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 01:12:44
Length: 30 pages (8216 words)
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SRA323 CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE: architecture after 1968 LECTURER: Mirjana Lozanovska ASSIGNMENT: Long Essay TITLE: Interpretation of an Architect: Frank Gehry MIRANDA HOBDAY 100206369 DUE DATE: O3.06.03 Miranda Hobday 100206369 Interpretation of an Architect Frank O. Gehry In society there exists an ever-present need to commit things to categories. Whether it is people, plants, animals, food, fashion, or art we seem to always apply labels. Why? Is it because it makes aspects of day-to-day life easier to understand or more …

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…Duffy, Daintry, Frank O. Gehry - Nonlinear thinker - TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN - Darwin Dec 2001, At first I thought this article would be very helpful, but after reading further I found it was a CAD project which a student had done of a walkthrough of Gehry's house. It was interesting to combine this with the written journey but apart from that it didn't give me any worthwhile information.

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