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Take a look at what tattoos i want and describes how it plays in society

Date Submitted: 01/17/2004 16:47:37
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Symbolism plays an important part in the development of story and also in the society that we live in. This technique is used to give a significance to certain people or objects, which represent some other figure. There are many aspects in the society that may be considered symbolic. Some of examples are flags, hearts, the sun, birds, the sky, and so on. We use money as a symbol of power; the U.S flag …

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…adolescents and adults in their early twenties. While the general public and parents may perceive this procedure as rebellious and deviant behavior, some reasons adolescents offer is that it is a form of body art, it is fashionable, it makes a personal statement, or it is daring. These methods are great ways of self-expressions and must be chosen carefully for it will stayed on a part of your body for the rest of your life.

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