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Temperature and pressure effects on water.

Date Submitted: 09/10/2004 20:56:21
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How does temperature and pressure affect water behavior? This is my topic for the science fair. I became interested in my topic because I wanted to know why people in Minnesota left their outdoor faucets open in the winter. When I began to learn more, I became interested in the relationships between temperature, pressure, and water. I think this information that I am researching is baluable to others because in our daily life, everyone needs …

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…property-one that is independent of the quantity of matter being considered-as distinguished from extensibe properties such as mass of volume. I found water behavior depends on temperature and pressure in my current research, so any physical quantity that represents water behavior is a dependent variable in my current research. For example, water volume increases when temperature is below freezing point under normal pressure. So, volume is a dependent variable. Density is a dependent variable too.

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