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The East Asian Miracle

Date Submitted: 06/12/2004 13:45:13
Length: 12 pages (3388 words)
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This paper treats the upswing of HPAE's and the resulting socio-economic effects. Crisis and new order of Asian economies are described, all according to the socio-political approach of N.Fligstein. Table of Contents 1. Introduction1 1.1 Problem statement1 1.2 Outline1 2. The field of world economic relations2 2.1 Defining the field2 2.2 Political culture of the field2 3. The emergence of Asia: challengers or invaders?4 3.1 Japan's economic miracle4 3.2 Overthrowing technologies4 3.3 Status of Japan in the field of the world economy5 3.4 Flying geese …

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