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The Ineffectiveness of The Protest Movement of the 1960s

Date Submitted: 10/23/2001 00:48:18
Category: / Social Sciences / Sociology
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The 1960s Protest Movement was a group of spoiled, naïve, utopian radical students that accomplished nothing. The majority of the protesters were wealthy college students who were not going to be drafted. Their propaganda made the Vietnam veterans into the enemy. Many of their statements were foolish and damaged people's opinion of the movement. They did not help end the war and they did not change many peoples opinion of the war. The draft …

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…of the 1960s accomplished nothing towards ending the war; they were only successful in making the veterans of the Vietnam War the enemy. The protesters were primarily college students, who were exempt from the draft and were never going to have to fight and possibly die for their country and some of their demonstrations were to antagonize the families of dead soldiers, and other foolish acts, which made many people, think less of the movement.

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