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The Subversion of Peace: America in Vietnam The American government went to great lengths to insert itself into a place it did not belong.

Date Submitted: 02/11/2001 02:26:35
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The Geneva accord was signed on 21 July 1954. The decisions made there determined the fate of IndoChina to this day. What was agreed upon had the potential to rectify the harm done by colonization. Unfortunately, none of what was decided upon in Geneva was upheld. In May of 1954 representatives from France, Great Britain, The United States, China, The Soviet Union, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam were several weeks into a session in Geneva discussing issues of Berlin …

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…principles it claims to stand for. First they refused to sign the Geneva accord, but said they would respect it. Even though time and time again they violated the terms of the agreement. America also stood in the way of democracy. The Geneva Accord had provided for a fair general election, by the people in deciding the fate of their own country. Instead America took every opportunity to ensure the success of what America wanted.

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