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The development of air warfare during WWI.

Date Submitted: 12/19/2003 14:26:42
Category: / History / War & Conflicts
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The use of the airplanes changed greatly during WWI. People started to realize that they could be used not only for entertainment and sports but also in wars as powerful weapons. When WWI started, planes were not allowed in the wars by the War Office. When the war started, this changed and soon after many nations were investing money in creating air forces and training pilots. The first bombing occurred in November,1911 and it was …

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…almost a hundred allied planes. He was shot down near the end of the war but was very respected and always will be remembered not only by Germany but by the whole world as the greatest war aviator of WWI. Today's warfare still depends on airplanes not only as weapons but as carrier of supplies and for transportation and it was because of the developments in WWI that we can have all of this today.

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