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The rise of the Democrats and Whigs

Date Submitted: 12/09/2003 08:16:14
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Democrats and Whigs In the 1830s the rise of a new political party in America emerged. During the presidency of Monroe there was little turbulence created by opposition parties. Although there were no major opposing political parties during Monroe's term, the formation of parties began to occur during the Jacksonian democracy. Jackson's opponents, who came to make up the Whig party, were strongly disturbed by his stubborn and harsh exercise of presidential power. The Whigs …

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…influenced American history. The arrival of the Whigs broke the "era of good feelings". Strongly opposing Jackson, the Whigs created competition for the Democrats. Their clashing views on slavery, westward expansion, tariffs, and the national bank system engendered many political arguments and opposing political bodies since the Monroe presidency. Bibliography Bailey, Thomas A. and David Kennedy M. The American Pageant: Tenth Edition. Lexington: D.C. Heath and Company. 1994. "Democrats and Whigs". 07 November 2002.

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