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This paper is about how wireless LAN works.

Date Submitted: 03/02/2001 09:07:16
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What is a wireless LAN? A collection of two or more devices connected via an open-air medium in order to share data. Types of Wireless LAN Ad Hoc Network: A wireless network composed only of stations without access points1." This type of network can be used anywhere. There are very few requirements for this to work. This could potentially be the most dangerous of all wireless networks. Since this type of network is going to …

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…have been from 10 to 100 to 1000 megabit and next to 10000 megabit. But the advancements made in wireless have been much slower, from around 1.6 megabit to 11 megabit. The next step is only to double to 22 megabit. Wired networking increases by a factor of ten while wireless only by a factor of two. Right now with a limited number of users 11 megabit is sufficient, but with a large number of users it may prove to be a bottleneck.

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