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To those who plan to go to Thailand..... Heed this true story.

Date Submitted: 06/26/2004 13:39:21
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There was this Singaporean who went on a tour to Bangkok. During his stay there, he happened to meet his Thai business associate who invited him to his house. After being introduced to the family which included three daughters,the Singaporean was asked to stay for dinner. It was a simple meal of vegetables and fish served with traditional white rice. The Singaporean man took his leave and continued the remainder of his tour. Three …

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…girl rejects the man in the face will he wake up from his trance. There is no other way out. The wife made a trip to Thailand to speak and plead with the family. They relented and the spell was lifted. Moral of the story : You men out there, don't be taken in by a simple meal. There is more to it. They have similar customs in Indonesia too. But they use pubic hairs instead.

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