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Under Jolly Roger This is about early American piracy.

Date Submitted: 12/13/2003 06:39:40
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Under Jolly Roger This term I would like to write my essay on the subject: American piracy. In my opinion pirates played an imporatant role in the early American settlers life. They made discoveries of distant lands, were freedom fighters and sometimes even poets or gentlemen. For most people the word pirate simply means one who robs or plunders on the sea. Now piracy is only a term for sea-robbery, piracy being a robbery committed …

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…Pirates! Series on Spektrum channel. For every pirate fan, it is worth to listen to the German music band called Running Wild, for their music is so imagenitive that you can even see waves battleing the ships on the ocean. And finally I would like to mention some literature I used to my essay. *Pirates and Privateers at By Cindy Vallar *Treasure Island by Robert Lewis Stevenson *The Black Pirate by Emilio Salgari

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