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Unit 1, Business at work

Date Submitted: 12/04/2002 04:40:24
Length: 15 pages (4188 words)
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Unit one - Business at work Ownership-benefits and drawbacks became a limited company in November 1999 incorporated to a private limited company (LTD). Jon Baxter (managing director and company secretary) is the founder of formally known as Scream Technology that started in August 1996 a smaller business that developed a single unit called Web Creative. This company now has two directors, Jon Baxter (Managing Director and Company Secretary) and Chris Hill (…

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…to them confidential and classified for others to see. The reasons why information flow may be restricted could be because of issues of confidentiality or because it is simply inefficient and unnecessary to broadcast information to people who do not need it. This would waste time and effort. It is far more effective if the sender of information can filter it as far as possible so that it only goes where it is really needed.

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