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"What are the basic tenets of Realism and Naturalism? why are Stanislavski's System and Chekov's plays perfect vehicles for them?

Date Submitted: 06/19/2004 05:28:09
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Throughout the history of theatre there have been many schools and styles. Theatre is ever changing as a reflection of society and what society wants. But out of all these styles, there are two which, when blended, produce a type of theatre that can always live and flow with society and not drastically alter to fit in with the world's ever changing ways. These are Realism and Naturalism. When combined, they form a powerful, truthful …

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…schools of thought and the work of the two men who have mastered it that theatre can reach a point of beauty and truth and can display reality and drama in a way that doesn't need to adapt with the changes of life because it is based in life. The theatre that emerges from this blend has its roots deep in the heart of humanity and what people truly want, and, consequently, will never die.

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