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What is a Constitution? Explain the difference between a Codified and an Uncodified Constitution. State the Advantages of an Uncodified Constitution.

Date Submitted: 01/26/2004 19:45:19
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1 What is a Constitution? 2 Explain the difference between a Codified and an Uncodified Constitution 3 State the Advantages of an Uncodified Constitution 1.)A constitution is what sets the guidelines for a country. It lays out who has power, what peoples rights are, and generally what sort of system the country will be run under. The basic concept of the modern constitution which is used today was originally based on the idea of John Locke that the …

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…for America to even have a constitution, as originally, "British America" was run, constituted and basically owned by England, more specifically, the King (George 3rd at the time). And America then, had little or no legitimate, or executive powers or independency. Eventually, they worked their way to an organised, codified constitution. But, although it works for America, it is still viewed to be a weaker, and possibly inferior to an uncodified system such as ours.

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