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Why the American Government has the authority to take away our rights during the time of War and that National Security supercedes the rights of the people.

Date Submitted: 05/09/2002 04:33:45
Category: / Law & Government
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National Security When the United States is engaged in military conflict, do the demands of national security supercede conflicting claims of individual rights? " ...Only the greatest dangers can outweigh that of changing the public order, and the sacred power of the laws should never be interfered with except when the safety of the country is at stake". Because I agree with these words given by a great philosopher of the social contract, Jean Jacque Rousseau1, …

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…country, and national security ought to supersede these rights in times of military conflict. I support the suspension of people's rights because it has worked in the past to win wars and I have faith that it will work in the future. If we want to save this country we must give up our rights to protect the lives the countless others and our futures. I believe without life there is no use for liberties.

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