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Women in Advertisements

Date Submitted: 11/27/2002 22:42:20
Category: / Social Sciences / Sociology
Length: 6 pages (1668 words)
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We live in a sexually oriented society here in the United States. Ever since the sexual revolution of the 1960's, sex has become more accepted and sex or sexual images in the mass media has become more widespread. Magazines, television, and the internet display this quite well by constantly portraying pencil thin models with impossibly long legs, perfect complexions, enhanced breasts, and incredibly thick tresses. These women are then illustrated in sexually provocative poses for …

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…primarily due to the fact that our culture has this idea of women being nothing but beauty objects. In turn, many women feel like failed human beings when they don't live up to the "picture perfect" woman, which is causing them emotional trauma. Unfortunately, as long as sex is a popular issue or concern among the American people, ads will continue to reflect this, and people will continue to buy. What's wrong with our society?

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