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a dream shattered

Date Submitted: 10/21/2004 10:51:57
Length: 2 pages (447 words)
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As children, littlegirls have one common dream: to have children. Playing house with their friends and playing with their babydolls have become the most frequent games played by little girls in hopes of one day being a mom themselves. At that age, even at older ages, girls do not think of the consequences that come with getting pregnant and having a baby. Neither do they think of the time and money it takes to raise …

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…to prevent Fas is not drinking durring pregnancy. The childhood dream of being a mom and having a healthy baby can still come true if you stay away from alcohol while you're pregnant. The thing to remember is that everything that goes into the mother's body goes directly to the baby that's inside. Sence there is not a cure for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, women should think twice about drinking and give their baby a chance.

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