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animal testing

Date Submitted: 06/07/2004 15:15:57
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animal testing Brobeck 1 Using animals for biomedical research is morally right; however, using animals for the testing of cosmetics is morally wrong. "Animals need protecting," says Ann Rotsten, the wife of Michael Rotsten. Michael Rotsten is a lawyer in California. For Rotsten, no case or client is too large, too small or too furry. Fifty-four year-old Rotsten works from a one-room office in Los Angeles and runs one of the only practices in the nation …

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…the other. Some feel that any medical benefits for humans justify any experiments on any kind of animal. Others believe in finding alternatives for animal testing. While some people believe strongly in one idea or another, many are finding a middle ground. The moderate Brobeck 8 groups strive for the reduction of the number of animals sacrificed, the refinement of techniques that cause suffering, and the replacement of live animals with simulations or cell cultures (Hyde 14, 15, 22).

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