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athletes salaries 13

Date Submitted: 10/25/2002 16:53:16
Category: / Recreation & Sports
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It is the Stanley Cup final, the Toronto Maple Leafs are playing against the Buffalo Sabres. With one minute left in regulation time the game is tied at 1-1, the fans are cheering and the anticipation begins to rise as the time on the clock slowly decreases. Steve Thomas of the Toronto Maple Leafs, sees an opportunity and goes for the puck. He skates towards the net of the opposing team yet is slammed into …

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…risk for their sport. Athletes are not greedy and love their game. They are smart and realize the consequences of being a pro-athlete. They do not play their sport for money but still deserve the millions of dollars that they receive each year. No amount of money could ever compare to the feeling that the players of a professional team experience when they have reached the ultimate victory that can be achieved in their sport.

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