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Date Submitted: 08/23/2004 03:57:21
Category: / Recreation & Sports
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How Baseball has Changed and Influenced America in the past 100 Years Compared to Today Baseball is continuous, like no other American tradition, an endless game of repeated summers, which brought together all generations of fathers and sons. Baseball has survived The Great Depression, World War I, and World War II. The game has stood tall and proud though the toughest trying times in history, and this is why baseball will always be an important place …

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…of times so they won’t have to pay more money for them next year if they get better. This made the owners mad once again and they wanted something in return since they put all this money into a player and now their just losing them. The players argued that this would severely limit their freedom. The owners and players couldn’t agree so in the middle of the 1981 season the players walked out.

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