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Date Submitted: 07/26/2000 16:04:12
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Defining the cultural forum, Newcomb and Hirsch explain that television serves as a medium whereby "contemporary cultures examine themselves through their arts." Examining current television programming, an argument can be made that the medium has and continues to benefit society in providing responsible and informative information. In addition, television programs have provided an effective vehicle to address important social issues effecting various sectors of society including women, minorities, and children.         In today's television programming, several …

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…progressively contribute to society. The inclusion of violent and sexual content within programming are obvious front runner arguments that television has contributed negatively to society. Analyzing television programming as a whole, however, reveals a greater contribution to consumers in providing accurate and timely information via news, a forum for discussing topics popular within society via talk shows and investigative programming, and advancing the cause of various ethnic and gender roles within society via entertainment programs.                           

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