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Image of Women in Advertisement

Date Submitted: 04/19/2004 22:31:14
Length: 9 pages (2401 words)
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How would you compare yourself, with the ideal bodies of models from fashion ads in today's magazines? Are you skeptical with your body in terms of its color, size or shape? How much time do you spend thinking about this matter? Does this comparison have any real and lasting influences in your life? Are you immune from the manipulation of the advertisers? As popular culture has become an indicator of everyone's concern in today's life, …

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…we can see a development in symbolic annihilation, which lack of symbolic representations in society result to misconception on the range what girls can be. Even their qualities don't fit the ideal image; girls still waste money, energy and time in trying to cram their bodies and personalities into constricting representations. Thus, we need to discover approaches in which to promote and foster girls and women's development as individual in a media manipulated, sexualized culture.

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