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King lear

Date Submitted: 06/21/2002 15:21:40
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Blindness in a Different Light in Shakespeare's King Lear Under normal circumstances and in the simplest terms, one might consider blindness to be the "inability to see or the loss or absence of perception of visual stimuli" (CancerWEB). However, in William Shakespeare's tragedy King Lear, blindness is a word that means so much more than just a physical flaw. Rather, King Lear can serve to show that the term applies also to one's ability to …

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…Lear. In King Lear, Shakespeare is trying to show the world that you cannot see only with your eyes, that you must use your heart and mind as well. To judge a person based on the surface is just as much a mistake now as it was then during the time of Shakespeare. This timeless work still bears relevance in today's world, as it ought to be widely accepted that true sight comes from within.

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