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"Lord of of the Flies" by William Golding

Date Submitted: 04/14/2002 16:37:25
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Lord of the Flies starts out with a group of English boys that are being flown from England in a transport plane and gets shot down above a deserted island. The first people to meet are Ralph and Piggy. This couple exchanges words for a while and then Piggy discovers a conch sitting in the water. Piggy explains to Ralph that this conch can be used to make a loud bellowing noise which Ralph uses …

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…smoke and came to see what was going on. Ralph had just ran out of the forest and fell on the beach with the others trailing behind with their sharpened spears. And, with a very suspected ending, they were rescued. William Golding successfully tried to represent everything as some symbolic message. Except for the rescue at the end, this whole book is symbolic in nature. I would recommend this book to some but others not.

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