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Date Submitted: 12/01/2004 16:37:51
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Introduction Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), can be used to amplify rare specific DNA sequences into many billions of molecules when the ends of the sequence are known. The method of amplifying rare sequences from a mixture has numerous applications in basic research, human genetics testing, and forensics. In one application, small samples of DNA, such as those found in a strand of hair at a crime scene, can produce sufficient copies to carry out forensic …

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…attR1, and attL2 with attR2 (8). The recombination reaction yields two constructs: the Expression Clone desired and a by-product, labeled here as the Donor Vector. The expression plasmid is under two forms of selection, antibiotic resistance and negative selection, supposedly ensuring a high level of cloning efficiency. The "reverse" or BP Reaction can also be done by recombining DNAs with attB and attP sites, respectively (8). Excitation and Emission Spectra for Living Colors® Fluorescent Proteins (5).   

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