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The anger of achilles in the poem "The Iliad" and how if affected him

Date Submitted: 03/01/2004 02:10:17
Category: / Literature / Mythology
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What causes lead a great warrior such as Achilles to sub come to his feelings of intense anger? Three causes in Homer's Iliad was the death of his best friend, Patroklos, by Hecktor, the taking of Briseis, who was his war prize, away from him by Agamemnon, and not having the pride of a warrior to fight in battle. First, war prizes were very valuable to warriors. This showed property or ownership of a person …

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…how much a battle meant to a warrior. "Never now would he go to assemblies where men win glory, never more into battle, but continued to waste his heart sitting there, thought he longed for clamor and fighting." (Book I, lines 243-245). In conclusion, the following reasons were the cause of such a powerful warrior to be consumed with anger. His anger prohibited him for making rational decisions which affected the outcomes of his actions.

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