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The red room by H.G Wells

Date Submitted: 11/28/2004 22:27:50
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The Red Room is a 'spine chiller' written by H.G Wells. The story is set at Lorraine Castle where a specific room is preoccupied by ghastly spirits. This story The Red Room is about a man (narrator) who seeks spirits inside Lorraine Castle, with his only protection as his revolver. The spirit welcomes the man in an uncomfortable manner, moving furniture, candles going out without smoke and other procedures which the spirit posses. His …

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…in which the author expresses atmosphere is the use of personification. Metaphors and similes can sometimes be expressed as personification where the surroundings are intangible and inanimate. An example of how the author used this metaphor personification is 'ocean of mystery', where the atmosphere of the ocean is mystery, this cannot be seen nor touched therefore it is personification. These are more techniques that the author uses in creating suspense full of 'spine chilling' events.

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