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This is about The Odessy and Odysseus' 4 part plan

Date Submitted: 10/12/2003 07:09:40
Category: / Literature / Mythology
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Thesis Statement: Odysseus had a plan to escape with his life as well as the lives of his men. He even managed to grab a ram on the way out. Odysseus' Four Part Plan Odysseus was not only a man, but also a warrior. He was one of the best and widely known men throughout all of Greece. He was the King of Ithica. He left with his men hoping to win a war, but …

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…row quickly, they knew something was wrong. So they did as they were told. Once they were gone, the Cyclops knew who it was who had blinded him. A prophet had once told him that the great warrior Odysseus would blind him. Odysseus had a plan to escape no matter the cost. He and his men head on to the next adventure. Eventually it would lead him back home to his family, kingdom, and country.

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